In the past ten years, our company GT Gethru Technology (get through) was formed to design the state of art siren amplifiers, including wireless remote controlled sirens. Our focus is to use our creativity to design warning devices that can help emergency personnel including police officers, fire chiefs, EMS/EMT rescue staff to arrive at the scene in a safe, timely and effective method. We believe there are still many things to be improved to create better emergency warning products. Here, our owner wants to share a story below.

...I have the honor to have the opportunity to work in the field of emergency products. I remember the first volunteer task I had right after my fire rescue training. That was on a sunny afternoon. A two story house near the city harbor caught on fire. The house was used to store tools and fuel for boats maintenance purpose. We arrived quickly and thought it should be easy to extinguish the fire but it was not. After we were soaking everything, the blaze continued going on. Our chief fireman started to form an attack team with defense team backup side by side. I was in the attack team and saw terrible things happened. Because of methane and ethanol stored in the building, explosion was everywhere. Unfortunately, the fire chief got his legs and arms burned over 70%. Due to busy rush-hours in the afternoon, the ambulance couldn’t arrive in time. As a result, the injured fireman almost lost his life and became an amputee. I was lucky to be protected by spattered water from the defense team to against blaze from entering. I survived. That was happened long before the September 11 but I will never forget it…

You might be the police officer, fire rescue EMT team member who “rushed” to save our lives and others. How to “get through” a congested intersection with your eye focusing on the road but simultaneously operate the siren or lightbar to reflect your urgency is our task. We will not create a tool which has no improvement because we believe life deserves to immutable dignity ever since we were born. Our mission in GETHRU is to “get you through”, which ultimately tells us that our heroes must arrive safely and effectively in time to rescue precious lives or respond emergent events to any incident in our day to day life. We will continue to design more products toward this goal and serve in this purpose. Finally, we wish you the best and give the highest appreciation to our officers and chiefs for their work to keep us safe.

Thank You.

Gethru Technology USA

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