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Learn the fundamentals
Integrate I/O to test
In circuit or stand-alone programming
MDE-8051 allows beginners to learn 8051 based microcontrollers in a convenient way by providing female and male headers connecting to the I/O ports.
It is very easy to prototype with a breadboard.
MDE-8051 provides 8 LEDs and a driver to allow users to test I/O port output with minimum effort.
In addition, MDE-8051 has 8 DIP slider switches to let users input logic signals with simply flipping switches.
Through using a terminal program, one can program the microcontroller by flipping the slide switch to program or run. A DIP socket allows the programmed microcontroller to be removed for its ultimate application and re-program another chip repetitively.

MDE8051 is a development tool that is designed to work in conjunction with the textbook written by Professor M. Mazidi et al for learning 8051 microcontrollers. It can also be used as a stand-alone programmer. This development board has a Maxim Semiconductor’s ultra-high-speed DS89C450 (64Kbytes) flash memory based 8051 (80C52 compatible) microcontroller installed on a DIP socket. Through the use of an USB connection, a terminal program such as hyperterminal can download the assembled or compiled hex file directly into the DS89C450 and the code you have developed can start running in the trainer right away.